Hi! terranova_dog_training_palos_verdes_estatesMy name is Terra, and to my right is my beautiful black lab, Nova.  I have loved being around animals all my life.  I have been fortunate to own seemingly every size and variety of pet, from fish and reptiles to horses. However, my main interest is dogs.  I began training dogs in 2012 as a hobby. Now, as a college student, I work with dogs and their parents while pursuing my education.  I thoroughly enjoy my work because I take joy in helping families transition from having a crazy home life with their dog to a calm and peaceful structured home environment. 

My work with dogs started with basic obedience training. Now, I also train dogs who have more difficult behavioral problems. I know what an amazing privilege it is to have a dog, and all of the fun and rewards that can come with caring for them responsibly.