Below are the four services I offer with descriptions of each one. ADD MORE WORDS HERE!!!!!!!

Basic Obedience Training

The first step to training your dog is to teach him or her the basic commands that every dog should know. I will teach your dog basic commands such as sit, stay, down, come, and leave it. Some unique commands and practices that I teach include proper leash-walking etiquette and the ability to tell your dog to “go to bed”

House Training

Your newest member of the family may need to learn his or her manners in the house. Good house training is a necessary foundation to a well-trained dog. I can help rid your dog of bad practices such as chewing, garbage diving, counter surfing, jumping on furniture, potty training, door dashing (running out of the open front door), barking, jumping, nipping/biting, and kennel training.

Behavioral Modification

Dog aggression may seem impossible to fix, but often times these aggressions stem from a very preventable root cause. I have over “SOME?” years of experience dealing with all types of aggression, including dog-on-dog aggression, dog-on-human aggression, food aggression, territorial aggression, fear aggression, biting, and attacking. The sooner these bad habits are fixed, the quicker you and your dog can establish and develop a healthy relationship.

Health and Food Information

A healthy dog is a happy dog, and no amount of training will be “complete?” if your dog isn’t healthy. Keeping a dog healthy will lead to a happier dog and a happier you! I’ll show you the best food for your specific dog and the most effective exercises to keep your canine in peak physical condition. Additionally, I’ll give you advice on how to properly groom your dog and keep him or her mentally stimulated as well.