canine training terra dogTraining is one of the most important parts of being a dog owner.  A well-trained dog makes for a happier and safer home for you as the owner, for your friends and visitors, and also for your dog.  After proper training, you will be able to better predict, understand, and manage your dog’s behavior; your guests will see a well-adjusted pet; and your puppy will enjoy being included in get-togethers and outings.

Untrained dogs can be annoying and embarrassing.  For example, your dog might constantly jump or bark at people.  Well-trained dogs, in contrast, learn to exhibit their natural excitement about people in more socially appropriate ways.  

Untrained dogs can also develop other avoidable behavioral problems, such as destroying property, running away, and incessant barking.  A well-behaved dog is easier to control in chaotic situations and will allow you to gain control quickly when needed.  All dogs and their families should enjoy the company of one another at all times and have a strong bond with each other.